Snoop and Wiz Are Lucky Bastards

By 02.23.12

Yes, we’ve been giving a little ink to Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa lately. But that’s because I’m admittedly jealous of them. With Wiz being named Stoner of the Year recently and Snoop being the pot icon that he is, High Times is also giving them quite a bit of ink. I would say nothing compares to the upcoming April Cannab*s Cup issue.

The pair appear on the cover with a noteworthy strain from this past November’s Cup know as Kosher Kush. Apparently this was their preferred selection after being given a private sampling of all the entrants from this past C*nnabis Cup. Seriously, High Times procured samples of all of the dozens of candidates for Strain of the Year (many of which are Dutch) and sent them to L.A. so Snoop and Wiz could have a private tasting. Now is that V.I.P. or is that V.I.P.? I am supremely envious of those dudes. I would say very few people have ever received their own private C*nnabis Cup tasting.

Think about that: getting the best weed in the world shipped to you for free just so you can try them all out and appear on the cover of High Times. That is pretty much a wet dream for anyone who loves weed. I can guarantee that I will be hitting up the newsstands to purchase that issue of guaranteed nug p*rn so I can live vicariously through these dudes.

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