Snoop Dogg Arrested in Texas for Pot Possession

by 6 years ago

A K-9 unit was brought in and alerted the agents to a pill bottle containing about half an ounce of what we can only assume was awesome dank weed rolled up in joints. Snoop, who has a medical marijuana license in California, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor drug possession before being released.

Sierra Blanca is the same town where Willie Nelson was arrested in 2010 for marijuana possession. Seriously, f*ck the border patrol agents from Sierra Blanca. They must be trying to make a statement or get another taste of fame again. They probably felt cool when they got national attention for arresting Willie and figured they could pop Snoop for the same thing. But I bet this whole ordeal just helps Snoop make a couple million more dollars and get 100,000 more Twitter followers from the free publicity, so good job you dicks.

TMZ dug up 2010 footage of Snoop talking about Willie Nelson’s arrest; he gave the agents who arrested Nelson a much-deserved tongue lashing for f*cking with a legend, and also said, “I got a weed license so you can’t take me to jail for smoking weed.” Turns out that California weed license doesn't help in Texas, where there's a zero tolerance policy. But really the main point of all this is f*ck Sierra Blanca.

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