‘Snooty The Manatee’ Just Set The Guinness World Record For Being The Oldest Living Manatee, And He’s Awesome

By 10.20.16

In my little corner of America ‘Snooty the Manatee’ is a living treasure. Growing up, the earliest field trips I can remember taking way back in Elementary School were to the Bishop Planetarium in Bradenton, Florida to see Snooty. Until this Summer I probably hadn’t seen Snooty since I was in middle school but on July 23rd I went to the South Florida Museum for Snooty’s 68th birthday to celebrate the oldest living manatee in the world (in captivity):

For this Guinness World Record they’re making the distinction that Snooty’s the oldest living manatee in captivity, which I guess is an important thing to mention, but the notion that a manatee could ever live that long in the wild is simply asinine. You might already know this, but manatees have no known predators. Human beings (and our boats) are actually the only threat to manatees in the wild. Sharks don’t eat them and dolphins don’t attack them. What ends up happening is manatees get hit by boats, they get stuck in shallow water as the tide is going out and can’t breathe, or they contract parasites or diseases from the water.

The average lifespan of a manatee is around 10 years in the wild, with some living up to 30. As you can see with Snooty manatees CAN live for decades upon decades if they’re kept in captivity and hand fed lettuce all day long, so to anyone who thinks that keeping Snooty in captivity is wrong you can shut your stupid ass yapper!

To learn more about Snooty, the world’s oldest living manatee, you can SEE HIM LIVE on the South Florida Museum’s ‘Snooty Cam’, and if you want to donate a head of lettuce to this glorious creature you can click over to the museum’s donation website HERE…It only costs $50 to feed Snooty for an entire day!

Before you go, here are two more photos of Snooty the world’s oldest living manatee an his 68th birthday party this year:

snooty the manatee

Cass Anderson / BroBible

snooty the manatee

Cass Anderson / BroBible

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