Stat of the Day: 1.2 Million Years Worth of Porn Watched Since 2006 (On Only Two Sites)

By 12.19.12

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this number is that it's only accounting for the TWO sites, Youporn and Xhamster. Can you imagine how bloated these figures would be if you rolled all the other porn sites on the planet into the stats below? More like 1.2 GAZILLION years, AMIRIGHT? Although when a porn search engine conducts something like this, you have to be suspicious of it.

According to Inquisitr by way of PornWatchers:

– The two tube sites together contain 735,000 videos

– The average video play time on the two tube sites was 11 minutes

Are you saying the average play time per video is 11 minutes or dudes lurk off for 11 minutes on average. The latter I can believe but the former, NO FUCKING WAY. 

– Since launch in 2006, the platforms has reached 93 billion views 

– That is 15,000 views per person on Earth

I'm really starting to question the validity of this PornWatchers report. There are roughly 7 billion people in the world. So either pornographers use different mathematics than the rest of us, or their calculations are wildly inaccurate.  

– The sites together have collected 158 million ratings

– Of those ratings 63% are positive

First, who takes the time to rate a video or even comment? Are you not too busy finding another video before you lose your boner or cleaning yourself off? Second, how many of the negative ratings are from guys who actually hate the video VERSES guys who hate themselves for what they've just done VERSES guys who are pissed they wasted their load right at the moment the camera panned to the dude's shriveled up nutbag? WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD. 

– The sites are now growing by 22,000 videos every month.

– Since inception of the two tube sites, people have watched 1.2 million years of porn on the sites

That's a lot of time, but I doubt too many people will look back at their life and say, “I wish I jerked off less.” 


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