Stoned Bro Claims He Had a Fivesome

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Hey GUYS! Guess what?

Sorry about that.

Have you had a memorable intercourse experience lately? Send it in! Now on to our pothead friend.

Blacked out at the bar, came back to my dorm room to profusely puke up my night’s drinking. I then passed out and was woken up to some bittersweet gravity-bongs, then proceeded to go back to sleep. When I entered my dorm room there was multiple women who were just down to fuck. They then asked if I wanted to have a foursome, so I said fuck yes! We all got naked and it began to get out of control (in a good way), then I got a knock on the door. My other buddy, Mike, came in extremely confused. He then proceeded to turn it into a fivesome, and it was truly a dream come true.

After a wild night of sexual activity, we went skinny dipping at the river, and ended the night banging all of them in the shower (again). So yea, that’s an unbelievable foursome/fivesome story for ya. Please post.

Yes sir! Now what are you going to do for me? Millennials. So fucking entitled. Okay. Truck sex time? Truck sex time.

Last summer, I had met this girl in the gym. We talked and hung out a few times, until one night we were drinking with a few friends. Things started to get heated and we moved to a more private area. Being that I was at my buddy’s house, I decided my truck was the best spot. There was barely room for two people, but somehow we managed to stay in there for two hours getting wild until I literally couldn’t bust anymore. She asked if she could stay the night at my house, even though I had work the next morning. So I take her back to my place where we proceed to do it yet again and pass out.

I woke up at 5 AM panicking that I had not set an alarm and woke her up in the process. Good news is, she woke up horny. We fucked a few more times and passed out again. Finally, I wake up in time to go to work and she starts blowing me before I get ready to leave. I realize that I should just call into work, so mid-blowjob I call my boss and tell him I’m sick and that I cannot make it to work. We fuck a few more times before we hop in the shower and wash away all the sweat. I proceed to make her breakfast and give her a ride home. All told, we probably had sex a good dozen times, with countless blowjobs worked in.

No. No, you did not have sex 12 times in 12 hours with countless blowjobs worked in. No one has done that.

Got a better story than this lot? I reiterate, send it in!

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