Strongman Competitor And U.S. Navy Veteran Lifts Cars For His Incredible Workout

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Kevin Becker is a strongman competitor and personal trainer. He won 2nd Place at the North American Strongman nationals in 2015.

He was also named Houston’s strongest man.

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He is an animal in the gym.

He’s an animal outside of the gym.

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He also lifts cars.

Car-dio #Strongman #crossfitstrongman #deadlift #weightlifting #powerlifting #crossfit #mensbikini

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I understand that he isn’t lifting the heavy front of the vehicle where the engine is located, but the car still weighs a ton. It appears to be a Datsun 240Z, which is said to weigh over 2,400 lbs.


No need to have a car jack when Kevin is your passenger and your car gets a flat.

505 lb Deadlift with Backflips
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