You May Try To Bring Us Down Ladies, But Study Shows Guys Love Their Dicks No Matter How Small They Are

By 09.18.16


When girls are emotionally hurt or fighting with boys their go-to insult is to say that the guy has a small dick, even if the female does not know if said boy has a small penis or not. Well guess what? Guys don’t care because we love our dicks; whether they be tiny, girthy or humungous and easily hits the back of the uterus.

A new study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior found that men love their dicks. Researchers asked 3,996 American men ages 18 to 65 to rank 14 aspects of their dicks’ appearance on a scale from 1 to 7. Overall, 86 percent of guys were satisfied with their choads.

The study said 64% of gents liked the shape of the head and 61 percent thought their boners were wide enough.

But not everybody was pleased with their dongs; 27% of men were unhappy with the size of their soft penis (growers, not showers), 19% wished their erect yogurt slingers were longer, and 15% wanted a girthier salami stick.

So keep saying our dicks are small, we love our micropenises anyway. (And by “We” I mean all males in general and definitely not me)


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