Hot Teacher Who Allegedly Sexted Student These Dirty Pictures Will Reportedly Never Be Able To Teach In NJ Again

By 04.28.16

You all remember Nicole McDonough, the New Jersey teacher who admitted this past February to having sex with one of her students twice in 2014, right?

No? Okay, looks like we’ve got a case of amnesia on our hands here. Don’t worry though – I’m sure these photos will jog your memory:

img_20150106_1630102 img_20150106_1629352

Those are two of the photos McDonough allegedly sent one of her students, as well as a slew of alleged texts. You can see the rest of them by clicking HERE, but in the meantime let’s find out what McDonough has been up to lately. The short version of this story is “not much” because, y’know, court and jail and lawyers and shit, but the long story is that she managed to spare any hard prison time by agreeing to a pre-trial intervention program:

Nicole McDonough, 33, of Mount Olive, pleaded guilty to a second-degree official misconduct charge and was admitted into the pre-trial intervention program on Feb. 16.

As part of the deal, McDonough was saved from prison time but agreed to relinquish her teaching certificates and will be barred from serving as a teacher in the state of New Jersey. The state Board of Examiners accepted her certificates “with the force and effect of a revocation” effective April 14. The revocation was released publicly on Monday.(via)

Under the state’s pre-trial intervention program McDonough received the maximum 36-month term, which is honestly 500% better than what the prosecutor’s office was originally seeking: five years in prison.

Assuming McDonough completes her PTI program, reports that “the second-degree misconduct charge and other misconduct charges will effectively be dismissed. Violation of the PTI program, however, would send the case back to sentencing where McDonough could face up to 10 years in prison and a $150,000 fine.”

Yeah…I’m thinking she’s gonna complete the PTI program.


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