Teacher Who Reportedly Promised Students Good Grades In Exchange For Sex Arrested Right After Stripping With Student

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65-year-old Gilberto Gonzalez Arias, a math teacher at Nuestra Senora del Rosario High School, was arrested after police caught him stripped down to “just a pair of yellow boxer shorts” alongside one of his female students.

According to Mirror, Arias allegedly gave certain students poor grades so that he could bribe them into having sex with him in exchange for higher marks. One high school student to whom he offered the exchange agreed to meet him in an empty house that was under construction, however she also brought along her father and a police team. Upon finding Arias nearly nude with his daughter, the girl’s father punched him in the face while another officer filmed the encounter, with a third handcuffing him immediately following.

Authorities are now investigating if Arias offered the same deal to any of his other students and have reportedly received an additional three complaints. “After this man was handed over to the judiciary three other sets of parents have filed formal complaints with prosecutors,” local police chief John Jairo Rodriguez stated. “If other children have fallen victim to this foul practice, we would urge them or their parents to let the authorities know.”

Education chief Eduardo Arteta Coronell has since issued a pledge to “bring the ‘full force’ of the law down on the suspect if the claims against him were proven,” Mirror reports. “Respect for rights, especially those of the girls, boys, and young people of Magdalena, are a priority.”

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