Teen Tweets Picture of Dying Man, Doesn’t, You Know, Help Him

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Only this time, the story is actually real. An Edinburgh, Scotland teen tweeted a picture recently of a poor guy dying on the side of the road and didn't actually call for help. From the Mirror:

A driver yesterday took a photograph of a man dying in the street and posted it online as a “joke” – but did not call 999.

Ikram Choudhury, 19, got out of his car to snap the man who had been hit by another vehicle.

He put it on Twitter for his 3,407 followers sparking an angry response.

One asked him: “Did you no go see if he was orite?”

When he replied no she branded him “sick”.

Police found the victim 10 minutes after his picture was posted online.

He later died in hospital.

While entertaining a sizable amount of followers was probably very important at the time for Choudbury, what if he had instead heeded the words of Judge Vandelay in Seinfeld's finale? “I don't know how, or under what circumstances, the four of you found each other, but your callous indifference and utter disregard for everything that is good and decent has rocked the very foundation upon which our society is built.”

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