Terrifying Note Left Behind By a New Jersey Man In Hurricane Sandy Will Make You Think About Life

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For a lot of us, myself included, the haunting note above strikes a poignant chord on just how much worse things could have been. It's an amazing story of survival from the storm. A 28-year old man by the name of Mike in Toms River, New Jersey scribbled this note about his impending death in the dark after a wave knocked his house down. He eventually scrambled into the evacuated home of a stranger while surrounded by 10 feet of water. Miraculously, he survived. 

I post a lot of stupid notes on here left by passive aggressive roommates who don't do the dishes or angry, curmudgeonly neighbors who don't appreciate a dance party next door at 4 AM. We all get a few laughs and life goes on. Mike's note is different. You can hear the shear terror and panic in his breath. Read it three or four times just trying to grasp the full range of emotions he was experiencing at what he thought was his dying moment. Think about it. Try not to get a knot in your chest. Try to feel something, because, if you're reading this jumble of English language pixels on a screen right now, you're fortunate enough to be infront of a computer or on a phone, not too worried about its battery life. Admit it: We have it pretty good.

Ocean County's Wobm.com got a hold of Mike. Go listen to the interview. Mike still sounds generally shaken up and tells the host he's afraid of the dark now. It will put a lot of things in perspective about blessings and just how fragile life is. 

Thanks for reading this week. It's been a strange one.

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