The 36 Greatest Cartoon-Character Mustaches and Beards

By 11.02.11

In the cartoon fantasy world, facial hair generally means one of two things: The character is infinitely wise or he is a sketched version of Adolf Hitler. For years this was the norm. The folks at Disney still abide by this law, but as of late, more mainstream, adult cartoons like “Family Guy” and “South Park,” have come along and thrown stashes wherever they see fit. Below we have a list of 36 new and old cartoon characters with facial hair. The list includes the evil, the wise, and the why-the-f*ck-not's?

Tom Tucker — “Family Guy”

Lorax – “The Lorax”


Monty — “Rescue Rangers”


Mario and Luigi — “Super Mario Bros”


Dr. Nick Rivera — “Simpsons”


Snidely Whiplash — “Rockey and Bullwinkle”


Bluto — “Popeye”


Carl — “Aqua Team Hunger Force”


Big Gay Al — “South Park”


Genie — “Aladdin”


Ned Flanders — “The Simpsons”


Papa Smurf — “The Smurfs”



Ringmaster — “Dumbo”


Kenny and Stan's Fathers — “South Park”


Inspector Clouseau — “Pink Panther”


Bruce the Performance Artist — “Family Guy”


Captain Hook — “Peter Pan”


Six of the Seven Dwarfs (Dopey was beardless because he's a witless retard)


Dick Dastardly — “Wacky Races”



Boris — “Boris and Natasha”


Jafar — “Aladdin”


Mr. Potato Head — “Toy Story”


Chief Quimby — “Inspector Gadget”


Gepetto — “Pinocchio”


Cosmo Spacely — “The Jetsons”


Carter Pewterschmidt — “Family Guy”


Cleveland Brown — “Family Guy/The Cleveland Show”


Chef — “South Park”


Yosemite Sam — “Looney Toons”


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