The Man with the Plunger Bong

by 6 years ago


Included in his hodge-podge cache were several mason jars, baby food jars, and buckets filled with bud; a shrink wrapper; grow lights; the biggest jar of bath salts I’ve ever seen; a meth pipe; a few empty beer cans because of course he was drunk; and the crown jewel: a bong made out of a toilet plunger. I think it’s safe to say that the toilet plunger bong is the smartest thing this guy has ever been associated with. It’s actually kind of brilliant because the suctioning part was on the bottom so you can stick it to a table when you’re not using it and it wouldn’t get knocked over. Hopefully it was made out of a new plunger.

I’m going to assume that this idiot didn’t build the bong himself because that is one of the dumbest drug seizes I’ve ever heard of. It’s not a sign of a crafty do-it-yourself smoker to say the least. We’ve all done dumb things in our life. Some of us have maybe driven around with certain things that we definitely didn’t need to drive around with. But seriously, this dude had everything from the beginning of the growing process to packaging to smoking. That is just unnecessary. The only thing he was missing was a hydroponics system full of live plants. But to be fair, he did have a meth pipe so it may have seemed like a good idea at the time.


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