The Pope Is Finally Getting a Twitter Account

By 12.03.12

The secret's out. Pope Benedict's new handle on Twitter will be @pontifex, beating out other contenders that had been considered to showcase the thoughts of one of the world's most visible leaders.

Benedict already has 1.2 billion “followers” in the standard sense of the word but next week he will have another type when he enters what for any 85-year old is the brave new world of Twitter.

Yes, finally. Dude’s going to be a laugh-a-minute thrill ride. The new @DadBoner, I bet.

But don't expect tweets about how the pope is feeling or which soccer team he is praying to win a derby.

The papal tweets will be spiritual, Burke told a news conference, and the pope will tweet when and how often he wants.


That sound you hear is 38,392 people rushing to make unfunny parody accounts.

[H/T: Chicago Tribune]


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