5 Things Bros Do That Chicks Love

By 04.06.13

Each of you most likely has your own trigger like when your girl bites her lip or plays with her hair. Here is a secret; there are things you do without even realizing it that leave girls panting too. So please, don’t stop.

Running your Fingers Through your Hair
This is quite literally the most mindless of actions yet such a beautiful thing to watch. The length of your hair is of no matter. Whether you have short hair and just kind of muss it up or have a flow going and rake your fingers through it, we are watching and our heart rate is accelerating. If you’re bald then you’re shit out of luck. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to turn us on that don’t involve hair.

Coming Home Sweaty After the Gym
Yum. This goes back to the dawn of time. When the cavemen came back with the Wholly Mammoth they killed for dinner, the cave women all fought over who would get to mate with the brawny, sweaty guy that took the creature down with his bare hands. All that sweat shows the success of a solid work out and reminds us of how awesome your body is as it reflects light and glistens back at us. Bottom line is to skip the shower at the gym and come home to shower with your girlfriend or hookup buddy. She will love helping you peel off your clothes.

Helping Us Out – No Matter How Small the Task
Everybody is different and every relationship is different yet I can guarantee you one consistency in all relationships. It is a question that every relationship eventually faces and its not the one you’re thinking of. At some point you will be asked, “Can you open this?” It usually involves minimal effort and you get the jar open in seconds but that small action can be kind of hot. My great grandmother lost my great grandpa early in life and learned the life lesson of banging a jar around the edges with a spoon to loosen the cap and make it twist off easier. She taught me this valuable lesson as a small child yet I still occasionally struggle. It’s nice having you guys around to flex your big muscles and open the damn jar of jam.

Coming Straight to Bed After a ShowerExpect to get jumped when you do this. When you come to bed still a little damp from the shower and smelling like Irish Spring soap we get really excited to get you dirty again. Also, being that your were just freshly cleansed from head to toe we are far more likely to be interested in giving you head or 69ing. Yeah, we do it occasionally after a night out too but the idea of that thing sweating in your pants at the bar, breaking the seal and facing a urinal cake numerous times throughout the night makes us a little queasy. A clean dick is much more appetizing.

Being a Gentleman
Unless you were raised by wolves, your mother probably taught you to be a gentleman. Some guys begin to lose sight of this in college once they are surrounded by other bros but try to get back in touch with your manners. Opening doors, offering us your jacket or letting us order first are small actions that don’t go unnoticed. In true female form I was once telling a long-winded story and not paying attention to my surroundings when I nearly got hit by a NYC taxi. The guy I was with stepped in front of me and put out his arm to stop me from walking and then pulled me back into his embrace. We went on multiple dates after that.

You don’t have to try too hard to get our attention. The little things you do are often far more sexy than anything premeditated.
Xo, McKenzie

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