5 Things Guys Should (but Usually Don’t) Bring to Music Festivals

by 5 years ago

1. Baby wipes 

No one wants to take a shower at a music festival, besides them being full of pee, it’s really really boring. So even though you were already planning on it, disregard your sanitation standards for a few days. Baby wipes take away the actual dirt aspect and if it’s only two days they are a fine substitute for a shower.

2. A sweatshirt

Yeah I know it’s lame, and like f*cking summer, but bringing a sweatshirt is a smart move. It gets really cold at night and after sweating all day, when you get back to your spot at 4 a.m. after being in shows you’re not going to regret throwing on your favorite hoodie.

3. Power bars

Food is probably the most annoying thing guys bum off girls at shows. Bringing a few power bars shouldn’t be too hard. They can replace a meal, and you don’t have to try to grill when you’re really f*cked up.

4. Gum

Since most likely you didn’t think to pack any toiletries like toothpaste, toilet paper, floss exc. Gum works, I mean it’s only being disgusting for a few days right? 

5. A towel

 A towel seems a little unnecessary but I promise, it’s not. It’s multi-purpose; day one you can use it for sweat, day two you can use it to sit on when the grounds have turned into a muddy sh*thole.

Other than that, lots of beer, your favorite smoking device, plenty of weed and lawn chairs are all fundamental in the music festival experience. Have fun, freeload off your well prepared girl friends, and most importantly enjoy the music.



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