9 Things You Can Expect to See at Adult Film Conventions (THE GOOD, BAD, & THE UGLY)

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There are a lot of oddities and strange happenings you could expect to see at a porn convention (if you haven’t already; I know some of you are porn convention experts!):

1. Dark Dungeons of pain and sex. Well, that’s my perception anyway. There’s a section of the Expo called The Lair, and it’s for all the BDSM kids. It kind of looks like fun, but I have never actually stepped foot into this naughty arena. Maybe this year I will… There are whips and chains and flogging of men and women, lots of dominatrix-meets-sex-slave type of role-play.  The people often proudly sport bruises and love this fetish world. It is THE niche at the convention, for sure.

2. Candy. Phallic candy. We’re talking pussy, cock, and asshole shaped ones. Everything sex-related comes in candy flavor and form at shows like AEE. Girls’ pussies are molded and huge male porn dicks too – it’s really a sight to see. Of course, when fans get them at other booths and bring those kinds of candies to me at my booth, it’s difficult to resist!

3. Obscene amounts of genitalia toys just lining the walls. If you weren’t intimidated by sex toys before, going to an adult convention just might do it! Women flock to novelty booths’ walls and grab their favorite, most colorful toys that they want to stick in their…well, you know. There are great toys for men as well, like Fleshlights, which offers some amazing adult stars’ pussies that feel almost too real!

4. The hottest women in adult films. All dressed up and waiting to meet you, your favorite gorgeous performers (and some you’ve never seen yet) will be decked out in lingerie or dresses and heels, all day, every day! These girls will happily hug pretty much everyone who comes by. They’ll sign movies and pose for photos with you enthusiastically! There’s a misconception sometimes that the girls may not be all that friendly, but trust me, going to an adult convention like AEE will change your mind! We’re thrilled to meet you no matter what!

5. Some people that you may never have wanted to see naked. Sometimes, the occasional XXX fan decides it’s a great idea to “dress down” for the occasion. Conventions like AEE have tens of thousands of fans attending, so sometimes you’re going to see something that’s not your idea of sexy. Just enjoy the crazy, eclectic chaos and be entertained by everyone, including all the other fans that come to the show!

6. The creepy flasher man. Obviously, he KNOWS he’s not allowed, but there’s always some random dude who but will take his junk out and the security guys have to get rid of him. It’s a public place, dude! You’re being disturbing and creepy scary. But funny too. Rock on, flasher dude, but stay away from me, okay? LOL

7. Sex swings. They’re everywhere! Although full nudity isn’t allowed at public conventions, there are always girls in lingerie swinging all day and night on elaborate little swings that sometimes resemble penises… Go figure.

8. Sex and porn discussions. These go on all throughout the day on a main stage setup. A DJ brings up porn girls and directors and people involved in the “riveting XXX industry!” to ask questions – normal ones, odd ones, funny ones, and curious ones as well. It’s pretty intense – the most often-asked question for me at these things is “what would you do if you didn’t do porn.” I always say I would be a Disney princess…

9. Talented dancers and strippers. These girls have your standard dance and stripper routines, but some performers have some seriously fucked up kinky crazy routines. One girl I’ve seen actually hangs herself by her own flesh with hooks and stuff. I really get scared when performances like that one go on. Of course, there are also adult performers who showcase their feature dancing.

Overall, it’s definitely worth coming out – it’s just a big happy melting pot of sex, fun, and freedom. Come out at least once, to say you did it, and to kick it with me!



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