This Preschool Teacher In Philly Has No Problem Advertising All Of Her Sexual Desires In Her Tinder Profile

by 3 years ago


Last night, my buddy (we’ll call him Ryan, because that’s his middle name) was celebrating Jordan Spieth’s U.S. Open victory like any red-blooded American male should: by swiping right on Tinder. During his Tinder travels, Ryan stumbled upon a girl named Alex who is a 27-year-old preschool teacher in Philadelphia. Thing is, Alex isn’t just a preschool teacher, she’s also into advertising ON HER PROFILE that she not only loves porn, but she’s constantly looking for a threesome on Tinder.

Naturally, I thought this was bullshit and that Alex was a bot. But Ryan sent me several photos of her to prove the contrary.

I don’t know much about Alex, aside from that she might like porn and threesomes about half as much as I do, but I think her and Ryan would make a great pair because I don’t know which one of them is living life more in the fast-lane. Alex, for being so open on Tinder about her sex life or Ryan who let’s his phone get to 2% battery before plugging it in. What a fucking psychopath, huh?




In sad news, Ryan told me that Alex didn’t swipe right. Guess she wasn’t aware of how on the edge he was living his life.

In not-so-sad news, I am terrific at editing photos. This is something we can all agree on.


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