Tip Drill: This Week’s Tips Include a Blind Item, a Sick High School Prank, and a Puppy Killer

By 06.05.12

                 check out this high schools sr prank
best football team in state!

Now that’s one subject where you’d want to excel. Colleges balk at admitting anyone whose junk isn’t up to snuff – at least the good ones do.

Name:            Jon Tanners

Subject:                 The Rap Insider
Message:                 Yo BroBible crew,
A few friends and I recently started The Rap Insider, a satirical rap-news site–like The Onion, but with more articles about Rick Ross making p*rnos where he eats deep fried strippers (we're very subtle). We've been at it for a few months, and we're starting to gain a little traction–our main contribution to the world: we briefly convinced twitter DMX had Chlamydia with this article. We’re pretty big fans of your site and we definitely think that bros in general might dig what we're doing. Some of our writers are even bros. At very least one of us has read a bible, so I think we'll fit in just fine. Here are a few articles you might dig:


Thanks a lot for your time. Hope we’ve made you laugh with some of the articles.

Let us know how the inevitable libel suits go. The last people on earth you want to piss off are rappers. They brag by listing the people they’ve killed. Watch out.

Name:            Kate G

Subject:                 [Super Famous Movie Villain] getting kicked out of a bar on a Sunday night
Message:                 I was having a typical Sunday Funday at the usual spot in Buffalo, NY, The Snooty Fox when i ran into two old male celebrities… one of which was in the girls bathroom while I was using the facilities. I came out to see a man that Ive seen in more movies and tv shows than I can count. You may know him as [redacted] from [Hilarious Mid-90s Sports Movie], or [redacted] from [Hit Time-Period HBO Drama].  He was gettin his hair played with in the mirror of the girls bathroom and when i asked to take a picture with him he refused like an a-hole. Then i see a bunch of commotion outside and its [redacted] getting man handles by the bouncers because he was trying to start a fight with some bros. not cool… the old man actor got publicly owned as he was forced out of the bar and sent down the street. And apparently I heard he was a raging alcoholic… go figure. Also met Daniel Baldwin, the lesser known of the 4 Baldwin brother actors, he was a cool dude.

We will let you speculate on who Kate is talking about. A finger-gun salute to anyone who gets it right.


Subject:                 betches

Message:                 stop putting links to that betches site. its about as not bro of a site as i can possibly imagine. literally wanted to stab a puppy after reading one of their articles it was that bad

Sexist and a puppy killer. The total package.

Name:            Saen

Subject:                 Sup Fggoats, Halp a Bro uot
Message:                 Sup Ddues,
et b seck fi yew gyus gvae mi a souht owt on brobible.

Og fllowo thsi gyu. Cttunig egde sfftu.

Name:            David Martin

Subject:                 Vigourously Humping Dog video
Message:                 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imYnYAbNbhk
Who doesn't like to see a dog humping the sh*it out of someone. Its funny.

Agree. We all like this. This is the apex of human comedy.

Name:            JP Allen

Message:                 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCBKauRwKng
I was at the Jersey shore @ 9th and Boardwalk in Ocean City this memorial day weekend… and saw this kid. He gets his inner gangster on to Ludacris's How Low and had me cracking my ish up!!! –JP

That kid is the future. And the future is scary as f*ck.

Got a tip? Hate our guts? Have a new “Call Me Maybe” video? Send it in, Jerome. 

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