Tip Drill: This Week’s Tips Include Raccoon Sex, A Pop Quiz, and Confession

by 5 years ago

Name:            BP
Subject:                 Window Surprise
Message:                 Awesome.

Nothing riles raccoons up like a guy getting a little work done in his home office. Look at that champ ringtail that ass. Much respect.

Our friend Cedric alerted us that we’re major players in the church employee Web browsing game. We’re extremely honored. Proud of us now, mom?


Subject:                 Bro Quiz
Message:                 What up Brobible, throughout my years in college me and my bros (mostly me) have come up with terms using bro as a prefix and incorporated these new words into everyday conversations. Anyways I was curious whether or not other bros used these words so I made a short 8 question quiz. I wanted to get to 10 but didnt want to force anything and try and make shit up on the fly. Anyways Ive attached the quiz.

How Bro are you?
1. The first bro ever?
2. Favorite sea creature?
3. Favorite criminal?
4. Favorite Greek god?
5. Favorite court case?
6. Favorite actor? (multiple answers)
7. Favorite Greek goddess?
Bonus(easy): Favorite element on the periodic table?

1. Brometheus
2. Broctopus
3. Bro J. Simpson
4. Broseidon, bro of the seas, he wears fish tank shoes because he can’t step foot on dry land
5. Bro v. Wade
6. Adam Brody (of O.C. fame) or Josh Brolin (No Country for old men)
7. Aphbrodite
Bonus: Bromine

Thanks for reading. Let us know when Hasbro calls to develop this into a board game and then a motion picture.

Name:            Mike
Subject:                 Cancun Wet Tshirt finals!!!
Message:                 Heres the link to a recent wet tshirt contest finals in Cancun.. It was wet, not many t shirts involved

This completely shut down our office on Wednesday. No work was done and people kept rushing off to the bathroom only to return sweaty and flushed 20 minutes later. Thanks a lot, Mike.


Subject:                 Bro video
Message:                 Funny bro video!! Funny as hell…

We hope there's more comedy like this in Hell. And something tells us we'll get that wish.

As always, we value your visits and tips. Keep sending them in. You're the best.

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