Two Girls Get Sweet Payback On Cheating Boyfriend As They BOTH Show Up For A Date With Him

By 05.17.17

When confronted with the fact that their boyfriend Matt Lewis was dating them both at the same time, Mared Parry, 20, and Georgia, 23, hatched the perfect plan for payback.

Rather than duke it out, pout or beat the crap out of him and/or each other, they decided to combine their revenge and hatched a plan for payback by showing up together for a date.

Georgia, who had been on and off with Matt for four years, but had officially got back with him in November, waited in the toilets in Be at One for Mared to arrive with Matt.

Both girls then came out of the toilets to surprise their cheating lover and said his shocked face was “priceless”.

Second year Cardiff university student Mared said to the Sun Online: “It was a John Tucker Must Die in real life.

“He was gobsmacked. He didn’t know what to say.

“He’s a guy who always knows what to say but he laughed in our faces and said ‘fair play’ and he couldn’t give an answer.”

Mared, who dated the guy in question from September 2016 until February this year, was surprised when he tried to rekindle things recently after the break up.

She said to the Sun Online: “I didn’t want to get back with him but I thought I would roll with it.


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