Want to Start a Hedge Fund? Just Follow Vanity Fair’s Easy 7-Step Guide

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Vanity Fair today offers a seven-step guide to starting a hedge fund, including expert tips from a big-shot hedge-fund manager and a brilliant D.I.Y. “punch-out” hedge fund kit (it includes a bottle of Grey Goose, a BlackBerry, and a wheelbarrow of cash).

Among our favorite recommendations:

Step 1: Create a hedge-fund team!
…A big selling point to potential investors is that you have a well-oiled, cohesive unit with a history of “crushing it.”

Step 2: Name your fund!
Actual big-shot hedge-fund manager’s tip: “The goal is to project sturdiness without rapaciousness. You don’t want to be Three-Headed-Dog-Guarding-the-Gates-of-Hades Capital. And you don’t want to use your own name. Typically, guys use streets and towns from their childhoods. Or a tree, to convey strength and deep roots.”

Step 7: Hire a good P.R. person!
Actual big-shot hedge-fund manager’s tip: “When you have over a billion dollars at least, that’s when people start shooting at you. There’s so much Schadenfreude out there that you’ll need Schadenfreude-defense. But remember—that’s way down the line.”

Read the whole article over at Vanity Fair, and start calling your fellow Wall Streeters…

[photo illustration detail by Hamish Robertson/Vanity Fair]

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