Welcome Week Hook Up Heroes: Double the Pleasure on Opening Night

by 5 years ago

Think you’ve got a better Welcome Week memory? Send it our way, and we’ll see if it’s prize-worthy.  We will be publishing the cream of the crop over the next couple weeks to get you even more amped up for another school year.

It was our orientation overnight before freshman year. We were all eager to show our drinking prowess and start the college experience. After all of the official orientation crap we are on our own for the night, so we get the oldest looking kid in our group to buy four cases of Natty Light. No one questions him, so we are good to go. About eight guys and six girls in a dorm suite drinking way more than we had a right or need to. We were amazed by our newly found freedom and expected our party to get busted at any time. It never did.

Early on, my new best friend and I spy a couple of our classmates who we know are DTF. We’ll call these two lasses Hooters and Hippy. We try to figure out who is going with who, so I start off with Hooters and my new Bro squares off with Hippy. Neither is super-hot, both approaching a strong 6, but boobs and eagerness make them willing candidates for the night.

Hooters and I are hitting it off and it is apparent early on that she is easy pickings. I probably could have closed the deal right then and there. A few more beers into it and all of the sudden the switch is on, with Hippy moving in on me. I am down, whatever. We drink more, bullsh*t more, drink more and then Hooters is back with me.

Again, whatever. We decide it’s time to take this party to her room. I get face-raped in the elevator down to her dorm and we have shed most of our clothing in the hallway before we hit her bed.

We are hitting it hard in no time. If I had known these were the biggest breasts I would ever get up close and personal with, I probably would have tried to sober up and enjoy them more. As it was, we had sloppy hard-pounding sex for a good hour.  Me on top, doggy, her on top, and finish on her glorious jugs. She passes out and crashes hard, I make my way across the hall to clean up in the bathroom, planning to head back upstairs.

As I am cleaning up, Hippy comes into the bathroom and instantly lights up when she sees me. Seems she ditched my Bro, but was still looking to get down. She grabs me, sticks her tongue down my throat and steers me to her room –the room I just left Hooters in, passed out, naked and worn out.

We jump into the bed right next to her and start hitting it hard. She blows me — I had barely cleaned up so she tasted it for sure. Soon, I am fingering the sh*t out of her. She begs me to go down on her but that is not something I am inclined to do on an easy piece of beef.

Fake chow, more fingering, time to f*ck. Second time around and lots of beer makes this endeavor difficult. Keeping it up but cannot pop. Finally manage to finish on her chest and pass out next to her.

No idea if Hooters saw/heard/was aware of any of it going on, but I didn't care.

I wake up with the sun and survey the destruction. Both naked and pounded hard just a few hours earlier, I felt like a king leaving that room. At that point I felt pretty good about my school of choice. Hooters and Hippy ended up being roommates freshman year, and I know for a fact they also ended up being the two biggest sluts on campus. I never banged either one again, but just about everyone else did.

Good times….

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