What an Economy: Meet a Dude Who Charges $20 to Get Kicked in the Nuts

by 5 years ago

With jobs for young people being all like “NOPE,” one Vegas Bro has taken the spirit of capitalism to an entirely new level. Las Vegas Weekly landed an interview with this burgeoning entreprenuer, who answered many an interesting question about getting kicked in the balls for a living. 

So what’s the deal? I’ve been doing this for almost a year now, man. Since February. I was the original. I came up with the idea to put this on the Strip.

Other people are doing this? Oh yeah. My two roommates have been doing it for about a week less than I have.

Seems like you should charge more. I make a couple hundred dollars a day. My best day, I made $1,750 in one night. Even on off nights, I make at least a hundred dollars. It pays the bills.

What kind of pain are we talking about? It was a lot worse the first couple weeks. There are some tricks to it, a certain way to ride my pants up. I’d say one out of every three kicks connects. I count on a few misses a day to keep me from being out. I got put out of the game a couple weeks ago when I had an NFL kicker come up. Right after he kicked me, he showed me his Super Bowl ring.

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[H/T: Imgur, Las Vegas Weekly]

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