10 Things Not To Do When Encountering a Bath Salts Individual

By 06.28.12

1. Do not approach the individual suspected of bath-salt ingestion
They are strong as sh*t and freaking insane.

2. Do not hand them a shovel or any other dangerous weapon
You would think this was obvious, but some people are ridiculously stupid in the face of danger.

3. Most definitely do not try and save the day
You are not Superman and will most likely end up as this crazy zombie freak’s dinner.

4. Please do not offer the crazed person any animal sacrifices
That’s extremely heartless and messed up.

5. We know you want to, but do not try and get this on camera
Yeah the video would be crazy, but get too close and you’ll be tomorrow’s headlines.

6. Do not, under any condition, try reasoning with the bath salt druggie
It has not and will not work. This person is on drugs. They are not listening or able to process a word you’re saying.

7. Do not lure the individual on bath salt toward crowded malls, public parks, schools, or any other public domain
If somehow you managed this, it was a dumb idea and you have just brought a zombie to a buffet.

8. Do not just ignore this situation
This is not just another crazy person. This is a crazy person on drugs. Report that sh*t.

9. Do not pretend to have also ingested bath salts
The individual hyped up on bath salt will still attack you. The only difference is you now look insane, too.

10. Most importantly, do not take bath salts

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