Who’s the Bro of the Week? You Tell Us

By 04.06.12

Anthony Davis
The Kentucky freshman continued his absolute dominance of college basketball by leading the Wildcats to a national championship. Davis secured his spot as the first overall selection in this summer’s NBA draft with his smothering defense and Windex-like glass work. He also made a unibrow seem almost uni-Bro, which is downright impressive.

Bobby Petrino
What a week for the Arkansas coach. The married, father of four crashed his motorcycle, lied to the cops about being alone, had an affair with a staffer he just hired come to light, and was put on administrative leave by his university. He also dealt with being in the public eye while looking like a lobster wearing one of those ridiculous dog-collar cones. That’s what you call going Hogs wild.

Mast*rbating Dad
Father knows best, especially when it comes to quality spank-bank material. One dad wasn’t afraid to critique a photo of his daughter and her volleyball teammates on Facebook, saying, “I found this difficult to mast*rbate to, but then I remembered to take off my pants.” For his efforts, he was rewarded 12 likes and, presumably, banned from any future volleyball matches. Worth it? Probably.

Italo Romano
This guy made the semifinals of the Tampa Pro 2012 skateboarding competition. Oh, yeah. Did I mention he has no legs? Inspiring Bro, to be sure.

Joshua Holley
The surfing enthusiast was just mellowing out, catching some waves in Hawaii when a 10-foot shark found him appetizing and tried to eat him. But Holley wasn’t going to let Jaws spoil his good time. He punched the shark in the face, saving his life. He did have to get 42 stitches and surgery to repair his tendons. So, maybe good for the sympathy vote.

Alright, voting time. Who is the Bro of the Week? 

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