This Is Why You Don’t Buy Drugs on Twitter in Canada

by 4 years ago

A certain local social media team was watching:


Just like that, amid the routine tweets about traffic stops and robbery suspects and escaped moose in the street, the York PD had a viral hit on their hands. Thousands of people RT'd the tweet. It attracted international attention. The cops took the rest of the day off and celebrated with maple syrup chugs.

As for the guy who sent out the original pot call, an employee of Mr. Lube named Sunith Baheerathan? He no longer has a job. And he's taking it about how you would expect. “People really think I’m serious with my tweets? MANNNNNNNN,” he tweeted. “Never knew weed smokers are more wanted in society than shooters & rapists. Big smh to all of y’all.”

[H/T: Uproxx]


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