Woman Calls 911 After 72-Year-Old Husband Suggests Doing Some Incest

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A South Carolina woman called 911 after she became concerned when her 72-year-old husband suggested that he wanted to bang his sisters.

The woman dialed 911 then hung up, which prompted a visit from a police officer. When the deputy asked what her problem was, she told him that her and her husband had had some “sex problems” over the past few years and that he was thinkin’ bout incestin’.

Declaring that she is “not like that,” the woman told the deputy that she “wants her sister-in-laws to stop coming to her residence,” apparently so that she could avoid any unwanted familial encounters.

Faced with this sticky domestic situation, the deputy could only explain the state’s trespass law to the woman.

Welp, I know old people don’t give a fuck, but I hope when I’m this old I at least give slightly more fucks than this. Because I have two older sisters. Gross.

[Via The Smoking Gun; Old people via Shutterstock]

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