Woman Calls Police After Her Drug Dealer Sold Her Sugar Instead of Crack

By 01.13.12

Meet Suzanne Basham, a 47-year-old from Springfield, Missouri, who just wanted some crack cocaine, but all she got was some sugar. Suzanne called 911 after she paid $40 to a drug dealer and he stiffed her by substituting sugar for the drugs. When officers arrived at Basham's house they found a crack pipe. Police did issue a summons for drug paraphernalia to the snakebitten woman. Officers also gave the alleged dealer a visit, but  residents denied selling drugs and would not allow the police entry.

Suzy needs to up her crack knowledge. How did she get fooled by sugar? Crack has a powdery consistency, and sugar is tiny crystals. The drug dealer is almost as dumb, because everybody knows if you're going to sell fake cocaine you use flour or baby powder. Caveat emptor my friend, caveat emptor.


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