Whoops! Woman Accidentally Posts Nude Photo Of Herself Alongside Her Washing Machine Review

By 09.21.16

Mark Milligan, Twitter

This woman, Louise we’ll call her, because that’s the name she used, really loves her new washing machine.

She loves it so much that she even took a picture of it and posted a glowing review singing her new washer’s praises on Curry’s web site where she got it.

“Love my new machine. It’s nice and has quite a big door and plays a nice tune when it’s finished washing — love it,” she wrote.

She even gave it 10 out of 10 stars!

Unfortunately for Louise the door of her super new LG washing machine is mighty reflective and oops, she isn’t wearing a top…or pants. This is something Twitter user Mark Milligan discovered as he was shopping for a washing machine of his own.


Mark Milligan, Twitter

“Well this is funny,doing a review on currys for new washing machine we are getting and this is the picture!!oh my!”

Perhaps Louise should have used the machine to do a load of laundry so she’d have something to wear before snapping the pic.

Needless to say, her review was probably more popular than the washing machine.

Check out the original tweet here, if you so desire.

H/T Elite Daily

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