People Who Use ‘Yahoo Answers’ Apparently Have Absolutely No Idea How Masturbation Works

by 1 year ago


You almost have to feel sorry for all of these people who used ‘Yahoo Answers’ to try to find out more about masturbation. Almost.

As one of my co-workers once said, and it somewhat applies here, “People who need flyers to learn about sex shouldn’t reproduce.”

Still, once you view some of the questions compiled in the video below, two things become readily apparent: (1) people are REALLY, REALLY bad at spelling and (2) I am guessing that a large portion of these people are not adults, therefore masturbation is still a bit of a mystery to them. (Which also might help explain number one.)

If number two is NOT true, however, then it’s officially time to start weeping for humanity because…


YouTube - CheekiiChaps


YouTube - CheekiiChaps


YouTube - CheekiiChaps

See what I mean about spelling? Good lord.


YouTube - CheekiiChaps


YouTube - CheekiiChaps

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