You Might Want to Reconsider That Bank Robbery Career

By 06.15.12

We're smarter than actual bank robbers, and we really know how to plan stuff out. We totally threw the best 80s party in our fraternity's history, right? And, we'd be smart enough to know when to quit. We wouldn't get whacked because we were acting like crazy maniacs like Jeremy Renner in “The Town.”

Well, think again, Hypothetical Young Adult! It turns out that a life in crime—robbing banks, wearing nun's masks—doesn't actually pay.

According to a study by economists in the United Kingdom, the average bank robber makes way less than someone working an average job. And that's even if he successfully pulls off three heists a year.

From Uproxx:

First of all, one third of robberies fail entirely (i.e. you get caught and go to jail, or the bank doesn’t give you any money). Secondly…


“The basic problem is the average haul from a bank job: for the three-year period, it was only £20,330.50 (~$31,613). And it gets worse, as the average robbery involved 1.6 thieves. So the authors conclude, 'The return on an average bank robbery is, frankly, rubbish. It is not unimaginable wealth. It is a very modest £12,706.60 per person per raid.'”

Now, robbing casinos on the other hand…. There might be a future in that.

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