Attention: Your LinkedIn Account Was Just Hacked

By 06.06.12

And now they’re among millions who apparently now have a major problem.

LinkedIn said on Wednesday that it is investigating reports of an apparent hack, after millions of LinkedIn passwords were said to be leaked online.

“Our team is currently looking into reports of stolen passwords,” the company wrote in a message on its Twitter feed. “Stay tuned for more.”

A user on a Russian Web forum claimed to have downloaded 6,458,020 LinkedIn passwords.

According to ZDNet, Finnish security firm CERT-FI is warning that the hackers may have access to user email addresses, too, “though they appear encrypted and unreadable.”

According to, the hackers are reportedly “crowd-sourcing help in breaking the encryption.”

The apparent hack affects less than 10 percent of LinkedIn's 150 million worldwide users. Nonetheless, those with accounts on the so-called “professional” social network have been advised to change their passwords.

Well, damn. I guess your internship at Ernst & Young just became an internship at Butt & Balls. Your volunteer work at the Red Cross just became a stint at the puppy-drowning factory.

You’re probably f*cked. At least you’re not alone.

It’s a good thing misery loves company because it’s the closest you’re going to be to working for one.

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