10 Reasons to be Excited the NFL is Back

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Whether it’s your best friend or one of the “experts,” everyone thinks they know how the NFL season is going to play out. Even though it’s impossible to know what’s going to happen, because of injuries and other variables, it’s fun to look at schedules and try to predict the Super Bowl champ, the MVP, the rushing title, and all that fun stuff. While we’re on the subject, New York Giants over Houston Texans in Super Bowl XLVII. You read it here first.

Talk is Cheap, Play the Game

There is so much hype and talk in the summer leading up to a new football season. Finally, we’ll get to see how these players and teams actually perform in the spotlight. I’m looking at you, New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys. It’s easy to talk in the summer, but it’s a totally different story when the shoulder pads are strapped on tight and the season gets going.

Summer Stories become Reality

This year it’s all about quarterbacks. How will the rookies: Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Brandon Weeden, and Ryan Tannehill all perform? There is a ton of talent among those 5 new starters, but zero experience. I can’t wait to see how they play this year. Of course then we have that guy on the Jets. We’ll finally see how the Jets use Tim Tebow (I still think he’s starting by week 5 or 6). Finally, there’s Peyton. We’ve seen more than enough coverage of the Denver Broncos camp to last a lifetime, so seeing him on the field will be both rewarding and interesting.

SportsCenter is Watchable Again

Filthy runs and receivers getting laid out are more entertaining than double plays and home runs, period. We’re finally out of the torture that is summer Sports Center. While Monday mornings will always suck, they’re made a little better with the plethora of NFL highlights from Sundays.

Fantasy Football

Yet another way that football enhances your work or school day. There’s nothing better than totally ignoring what you’re supposed to be doing by looking at stats, match-ups, and trade possibilities that can help you beat your buddy next week. After all, finding a solid 3rd receiver is way more important than that test you have tomorrow. Here’s a little fantasy advice for the upcoming season:

  • LeSean McCoy will be the best fantasy running back
  • If you can get one of the elite QBs, take him
  • Don’t let bye weeks effect the way you draft or add players

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There’s nothing like the hours in the parking lot leading up to the game. No matter the time of day you’re grilling great food and drinking beers with friends or family, and you’re surrounded by thousands of fans that are all excited for the game.  The regulars have their routines, and the atmosphere is amazing. It doesn’t matter if your team is a Super Bowl favorite or last place in the division, because you can always have fun at the tailgate.

Football Sundays

Even if you’re not at the game, a football Sunday is nothing less than perfect. You can go in a few directions here. Maybe you go to a bar or a friend’s house to hang out with a crowd for the game. Maybe you like to just sit on your a** and take in the games from the comfort of your own damn couch. Both are fantastic options.  You can do anything on a football Sunday, and no matter what the games will always be on.

Breakout Stars

Who’s going to be this year’s breakout star? Last year Victor Cruz, Rob Gronkowski, and Jimmy Graham came out of nowhere and put up huge numbers. The year before that it was Arian Foster. We know how good Tom Brady is. We know how good DeMarcus Ware is on defense. There is always a guy that will step up and surprise the league with the numbers he starts to put up consistently. My early pick for this player is Kendall Hunter, the 49ers’ running back. I know they have LaMichael James and Brandon Jacobs as well, but I think Hunter can be the guy that puts up solid numbers and takes some pressure off Frank Gore.

Build-Up to the Draft

Not only is the NFL awesome, but college football is pretty damn good too. Once certain NFL squads start looking really sh*tty, say, in week one, looking at where college stars will end up is inevitable. Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay will put out player rankings and mock drafts ridiculously early, and speculation will begin as to where everyone will be going.

Football is the Best Sport Ever

The NFL is a collection of most of the strongest, fastest, and smartest athletes in America. The games are made of these athletes running and hitting each other, really hard, and making plays that leave us with our jaws dropped. From kickoff Wednesday night until the final whistle of Super Bowl XLVII, every game matters. Every Sunday from now until February America will be filling stadiums and living rooms watching football, so again, if you’re not excited, there’s something wrong.

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