The 3 Worst Mistakes Bros Make When Trying to Get Six-Pack Abs

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Mistake #1: Thinking That Eating Fat Makes You Fat

The first thing that most guys do when trying to lose their belly and get abs is to cut all the fat out out their diet. But this is actually a HUGE mistake.

We’ve all been taught things like “eating fat is bad for you” and “eating fat makes you fat.” But the truth is, all fat is not the same. Natural fats are good for you and an essential part of a healthy diet….where else processed fats is unhealthy and causes you to gain fat.

The good fats and the ones you need are foods like coconut oil, almonds, nuts, pecans and walnuts. Olive oil is also an absolute must when it comes to healthy fats. Animal fat from whole cuts of meat is also good in moderation.

The type of fat that you must avoid is processed fats  — the greasy fats from foods like fries, burgers and pizza. So all you college guys out there that are running on nothing but fast food and chinese takeout you better wise up! These types of fat are more difficult for your body to convert into energy, and are more likely to be stored as fat in your body.

So if you want to get abs, make sure that you include healthy, natural fats as part of your diet. Focus on avoiding unhealthy processed fats to get those abs to show. 

P.S. Here is an insider tip from personal experience that helped me get shredded quickly. With each meal I consumed, whether it was chicken, fish or any healthy ‘’bodybuilding’’ type meal, I would add one heaping scoop of coconut oil. That one healthy fat helped give me almost instant energy and helped me stay strong while going lower carb.

Check out this video to learn more about my little secret weapon in getting ripped:

Mistake #2: Thinking Supplements Are The Key To Six Pack Abs

Now this mistake might piss off quite a few bro’s out there that have a whole kitchen cabinet dedicated to their stockpiling of supplements.

I personally made this mistake BIG TIME when I was first learning how to get in shape. I spent hundreds of dollars a month on various supplements that all promised to be the key to getting in shape. I fell for all the hype in the ads…but I always found that I was disappointed after using them for a few months.  Those ads are meant to be aimed exactly at guys like me and you!  They know what to say to make you believe that this is the last thing you will ever need to buy!

The truth is, if your workouts and diet are good then supplements can help a little. But no matter what supplements you are taking, you will never get in good shape without having the right diet and workout routine. All that supplements can do is to make a body built by good habits slightly better.

In addition to this, MOST supplements have been scientifically proven to have no effectiveness whatsoever. Unless you regularly spend hours reviewing studies and articles in scientific journals like I do, it’s very tough to tell which ones work and which ones don’t. If you’re not doing this research, chances are most of the supplements you spend your money on in the past actually did nothing.

Not only do supplements waste your money, they also waste your time and distract your focus from the things that truly matter. Almost everyone would be better off to put all of their time and focus in their workout and diet, because small improvements in these areas can produce far more results in your body than any supplement.

So don’t spend too much time or money on supplements when you’re trying to get in shape. Instead, use all of the time and focus you have to improve your workouts and diet. These things aren’t as novel or exciting as supplements — but they are the only things that will allow you to get the six pack abs you want.

Check out this video to learn more about supplements:

Mistake #3: Thinking You Need Complex Equipment Or Gadgets To Get Abs

The fifth mistake is thinking you need complex equipment or gadgets to get abs.

I fell into this trap myself….badly. In fact, I can remember one piece of equipment I bought that completely embarrassed me.

I bought this electronic “ab belt’’, and I was walking around my house with this electronic ab belt strapped to my waist shocking me every few minutes. Here I was a guy with a big belly sitting on my sofa trying to ‘’shock’’ my abs into appearing. Even though I hoped it would get me ripped with no effort like the infomercial promised…after a while I had to admit it wasn’t doing much.

So I looked into why ab gadgets aren’t effective for burning your belly fat, and here’s what I found out…
There are some ab gadgets (like the electronic ab belt I bought) that simply do nothing. Any piece of equipment that promises that you can get ripped with no exercise at all probably falls into this category.

But most exercise equipment out there actually does require you to do some exercise, and does have some effectiveness. However, what most people don’t realize is that exercising with free weights and bodyweight exercises is actually much more effective than using complex exercise equipment.

This is because you will burn more calories exercising with free weights or bodyweight than you would with exercising with machines. The reason why is that these machines totally remove the stabilization aspect of an exercise and lock you into one pattern of movement.

Stabilizing your body naturally during an exercise allows much more calories to get burned during your workout. This means that you’ll burn your belly fat faster, which is the key to getting those six pack abs you want.

So if you’re really serious about losing your belly fat and getting abs, don’t waste your time with ab gadgets and complex equipment. Instead, focus on basic exercises with free weights and body weight. Not only will you save a boatload of money, but you’ll also get your six pack abs much faster if you do this.

So What SHOULD You Do To Get Abs?

If you want to get six pack abs, make sure that you are:

  • Avoiding processed fats, and eating plenty of healthy natural fats
  • Avoiding supplements, or using them only to slightly enhance the results from your workout and diet
  • Not buying complex equipment or ab gadgets, and instead relying on the proven, basic ab exercises

The way that I got six pack abs was by AVOIDING these three mistakes…and also by starting to train in a completely new and different way. Once I started using this “weird” new style of working out, I was able to get ripped much faster than I ever thought was possible.

I reveal what I did to get six pack abs, and how YOU can get six pack abs by copying my plan in this video.

The way that I got my six pack abs was by using a style of working out called Afterburn Training. Basically, Afterburn Training is a totally new exercise style that combines heavy, compound weight lifting with high intensity bodyweight cardio.

It’s designed to maximize the calories you burn in the 48 hours AFTER you work out. This lets you burn huge amounts of calories doing surprisingly short workouts.

Another reason why I like Afterburn Training is that you can build ripped muscle while also burning fat at the same time. It’s great if you want to get a tastefully muscular physique with defined six pack abs you’ll be proud to show off.

To learn how you can start getting your ripped body and six pack abs with Afterburn Training, watch this video now.

Train hard,

Mike Chang

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