A Bro Wants to Know: Do You Want Tim Tebow to Fall from Grace?

by 6 years ago

The puritanical Denver Broncos quarterback reportedly shared a hotel with the Adult Entertainment Expo last week while he was in town for a photo shoot. The four-day event looked like one hell of a good time, but also seems 180 degrees from Tebow's interests.

Photographers who could have sent their children to college on one shot of Tebow with a adult entertainment queen left disappointed. Sources tell the Las Vegas Review-Journal the lefty spent most of his time stowed away in his penthouse suite. No pun intended.

How long can we expect every little thing Tebow does to be spun into a story? Until he gets benched next year? Until he retires? I'm not sure we, as a society, can handle that.

The thing about Tebow is that he is unflinchingly steady. Those who love him for it say he sticks to his ideals. Those who hate him say he's boring and holier-than-thou. But it's almost comical to read that he didn't drink or share any time with the adult film sect. Of course he didn't. You've got to get up pretty early in the morning to catch him wavering from his party line.

But it doesn't mean the media is going to stop digging. A story like that would be epic if there were some nefarious behavior. Now that he's morphed into this larger-than-life figure, many people won't be happy until he's knocked back down to size.

I'm not one of them. As an unabashed member of Team Tebow, I truly believe that the kid can handle anything thrown at him. I have never spoken to a person who has met him who didn't say he was completely genuine. In short, I have no good reason to doubt him.

I also understand those who root against him. The over-coverage, sanctimony, and constant Evangelicalism could easily get under a person's skin. To those people, I ask this: Do you want to see Tebow fail on the field, off the field, or both? Sound Off in the comments…

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