Here Are the 9 Best Fan Fights of the Year

By 12.01.12

9. Fan Knocks Out Two Other Dudes at Mexico-Canada Soccer Match, April 9

A real international affair. Presumably this happened after a spirited debate over the merits of NAFTA.


8. Watch an Absolutely Hammered Texas A&M Fan Start a Fight in an Airport, November 13

Nothing like seeing a racist asshole get what’s coming to him. Hope his idiocy doesn’t hamper Johnny Football’s Heisman campaign.


7. Buffalo Bills Fans Keep Warm By Beating Shit out of Each Other, November 13

Hey, it was cold. Solid excuse.


6. Society Reaches New High Point as Texans, 49ers Fans Brawl in Stands, August 31

It’s important to note this was a preaseason game. Who says those games don’t matter? These fans believe they’re worth shedding blood over.

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5. 49ers Fans and Giants Fans Fight in Candlestick Park Parking Lot, October 15

Noticing a theme here. This is not the loving kindness the “Full House” gang led me to believe permeated the Bay Area.


4. Australian Police Officer Takes 10 Too Many Swings at a Cricket Fan, January 20

Do NOT act up at a cricket match or this might happen to you.


3. Rate This Mixed-Sex New York Jets Fan Fight, October 15

I totally understand why Jets fans are angry. Imagine if Mark Sanchez wandered up into the nosebleed section. Chaos, no doubt.


2. Yesterday’s Bills-Browns Game Featured an Intense Fan Fight, September 24

When both teams suck, the only real competition is in the stands.


1. Flyers Fans Beat Up Rangers Fans, Including Off-Duty Cop with Purple Heart from Iraq, January 5

Remember when hockey existed? It caused people to do this. Maybe the lockout is a good thing.

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