‘Birth of a Sport’ Looks Like a Really Cool Documentary About the First Football League in India

by 5 years ago

“Birth of a Sport” is a documentary about the Elite Football League of India (EFLI), which was founded in 2011. Boasting teams from India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, the EFLI was founded to create more sports opportunities for athletes in the region. The league officially got underway in 2012 with the help of of some big names that have pledged their support, including Kurt Warner, Mike Ditka, Michael Irvin, and Mark Wahlberg. 

The film examines the breaking the ubiquity of cricket, the geo-political rivalries between India and Pakistan, all while taking an in-depth look into what it takes to create a succesful brand of football, from both a player and an organizational perspective. They're seeking a bit of support on Kickstarter to finish up the project which, if it comes full circle, is sure to be outstanding.    



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