Brandon Jacobs Pays Back Six-Year-Old Giants Fan’s $3.36

By 06.21.12

Surprisingly, the $3.36 wasn't enough to keep Jacobs in New York, but the story still had a nice ending on Wednesday, when Jacobs invited 6-year-old Joseph Armento and his family over for an afternoon with an inflatable bouncy castle set up in Jacobs' backyard. A bouncy castle? Those things were the sh*t when I was six.

From the Sacramento Bee:

If you happened to be at the Jump On In bounce house in Boonton, N.J. today, you saw quite a spectacle: a 6-4, 266-pound NFL running back flailing about on inflatable castles and slides like a first grader hopped up on Sweet-Tarts.

That running back was the 49ers' Brandon Jacobs, who took six-year-old Joseph Armento and his four-year-old brother for an outing they are not soon to forget. Armento, you'll recall, is the New Jersey boy who upon being told the Giants could no longer afford to keep Jacobs, emptied his piggy bank — $3.36 – and sent it to California in an effort keep his favorite player with the Giants.

Jacobs was touched by the gesture and told Armento's mother, Julie, that he would be in New Jersey for a short time this week while he packed up his belongings and moved his family to the Bay Area. He thought his original idea for a meeting place, Chuck E. Cheese, might cause too much of scene. So they settled on a bounce house.

Jacobs, 29, brought his five-year-old son, Brayden, and the four kids – Jacobs included – played non-stop for nearly two hours. No one even took a water break.

“He told me he really wanted to get out there with the kids,” Julie Armento said in a phone interview with The Bee. “He really wanted to enjoy it, and he did. It was amazing.”

When ESPN blares news from the Clemens trial, and the court case in State College, and all the other crap we have to deal with as fans of a flawed sports world, it's really nice to read something like this.

H/T: Sacramento Bee

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