Chris Perez Vomits on Field after Notching Save, Invents New Celebration in Process

by 6 years ago

After notching his league-leading 20th save yesterday, the Cleveland Indians' Perez proceeded to vomit—twice—on Busch Stadium's field. The puke goes unmentioned by the game's announcers, although you can clearly see Perez puke and the players around him react accordingly. 

What was responsible for this behavior last seen by either you or one of your friends this weekend? Perez chalked it up to “warm water.”

''I drank some warm water and I ran out there and it just didn't settle well,'' Perez said. ''What am I going to do, call timeout and run into the dugout?

''If you remember, a couple years ago in spring training it was the same situation. So I need to stay away from warm water.''

Warm water? Is this the first time warm water made someone retch?

H/T: Yahoo Sports

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