The Cleveland Browns 0-16 Parade GoFundMe Has Raised More Than I Have In My Bank Account, So That’s Uplifting

By 12.19.16


The Cleveland Browns are just two games away from etching themselves in the history books for all eternity. If the lowly Browns lose to the Chargers and Steelers in the coming weeks, they will be just the second team in NFL history to finish winless, 0-16. That’s why the tickets for the Christmas Eve game vs. the Chargers are selling for less than a high school girls basketball game, $6, and dropping.

The city of Cleveland has fully embraced its team’s putridness, even putting together a GoFundMe to bankroll an 0-16 parade through the streets of Cleveland. They aren’t fucking around either, evident in this application to the city council to throw the parade.

As far as the GoFundMe, the Browns 0-16 parade has raised more than I have in my bank account.





Props to the city of Cleveland for its full embrace of the worst team in NFL history. That takes courage.


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