Professional Cricket Creep Hits On Sideline Reporter And Gets His Thirsty Ass Rejected

by 2 years ago

I’ve gone 28 years without knowing the rules or concepts of cricket and I’ve turned out just fine. Well, not really ‘fine’, but I’m alive :). I think it’s like a poor man’s version of baseball without the steroids. And that’s unfortunate because steroids make for a better product.

Anyhoo, this professional cricket player named Chris Gayle wasted no time in making advances on an attractive sideline reporter who attempted to interview him during a cricket game(?) match(?) series(?) who cares(?).

The reporter is noticeably uncomfortable with Gayle’s cheesy come-ons, as she seemingly ends the interview early after declaring, “I’m going to end the interview on that note, thanks.”

This is a common case of cricket player who has a misplaced sense of confidence stemming from people telling him he’s a real athlete. Dude you play a sport named after a useless bug. And you just got stomped on brah.

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