Does Anyone Care that Jean Claude Van Damme Is Returning to Kickboxing?

by 7 years ago

Here's the pullquote from the presser that really caught my attention, via Cagewriter:

“I did my rock n' roll type life, I fell down rock bottom,” Van Damme said (1:42 mark — NSFW). “And I've got that spot following me about Van Damme is drinking. Van Damme is doing cocaine. Van Damme is doing all that [expletive]. So I'm [branded] for life.”

Then it was time to say sorry to the kids (1:55 mark).

“… the only way to forgive myself to all those children, with their posters 'Bloodsport' and 'Kickboxer' and their father telling them that 'you know he's a great guy and you should train like him' and all that. Then I [expletive] up my life and everything. I want to go back in that ring to prove to those children that they'll fight in my heart.”

Does he realize those “children” who had his posters from “Street Fighter” on the wall are now 25 – 30 year old men? JCVD, wake up man. Just goes to show you how much blow and booze this guy was consuming in the 90s.

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