Erin Andrews Is Leaving ESPN

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He writes:

Contacted by, a Fox Sports spokesperson declined comment.

Andrews' contract with ESPN concluded at the end of June. Her last on-air assignment for ESPN came in mid-March with its ACC college basketball tournament.
Fox has invested heavily in college football over the last 24 months, including entering a 12-year agreement with the Pac-12 this year covering broadcast, national and local cable, and digital assets. They'll air a minimum of eight regular-season football games on FOX Sports, and at least four in primetime. Last year Fox Sports and the Big 12 Conference reached a 13-year agreement for exclusive cable rights to 40 football games per season.

With the added inventory comes a need for staffers. Last year Fox hired Gus Johnson as its lead gamecaller for its college football coverage, and adding Andrews would be another major broadcasting figure in college football to compete with ESPN.

What's the next move for Andrews? Does she go to Fox Sports? On June 15, Deadspin ran a story that claimed “there is no clamoring for Erin Andrews,” besides from ESPN. Does even stay in sports or does she graduate to something like, say, a correspondent job for a morning talk show? It seems like a logical move as she's been doing the occasional “Good Morning America” gig for over a year. Or will she actually land a hosting position?

In a Hot Clicks podcast with Jimmy Traina last year, Andrews said she'd always have the itch to work in sports and that she “needs to be on a football field.” But she also enthusiastically laid out a blueprint for other professional aspirations.

“I just have this vision for some sort of late-night talk show thing. I think it would be so cool to do a Kelly-Regis sports talk show at night. Maybe with a guy like Van Pelt. I think he would be phenomenal to do something like that. Bring athletes on and actors and musicians. Kind of like Regis and Kelly but at night. I think it would be hysterical.

We're reading way to far into this and citing extremely old information here, but could EA's next move be something this radical? Speculation abounds. It's been long-known that Andrews wants to host something, it's just a matter of whether or not she's fit for the job. Sports By Brooks claims that she recently tested for a hosting role at Fox for “Fear Factor” and, inevitably, will land there. Hold tight, folks.

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