VIDEO: Florida Safety Will Hill Accidentally Tackles Man in Wheelchair

by 7 years ago

Here's a better quality video. Hit is at the 59 second mark.

You probably just went through four sequential stages of reaction while watching the video. First, laughter. After all, this is sports black comedy at its finest. Second, concern for the man in the wheelchair. Third, disgust Hill didn't lend a hand to help the man up. It looks like he either asked him if he's o.k. before hustling back to formation or trashed talked him in the same way any defensive player would after making a big tackle.  Finally, guilt. You just laughed at a defenseless and immobile man in a wheelchair getting clobbered by a 6'3, 203-pound safety. Clearly the poor guy was struggling to get up, just like a turtle turned upside down on his shell. If you laughed, you're a horrible, merciless person. You should be ashamed of yourself. In the meantime, how about we watch the pwnage again, over and over again in .gif format?

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