The 5 Week Get Ripped For Spring Break Program: Week 1

By 01.28.13

But let’s be honest, the smokeshows you see above are looking for ripped guys. You have got 5-7 weeks to get you ass into gear and get ready for the good times.

For the next 5 weeks, I will lay out a program with simple steps to get you ripped by game time. This professional program will have you turning heads and give you more confidence than you possibly need.

Each week I will post 3 steps that you need to follow. Every week after that, you will have 3 new steps to add on top of the old ones. The program will eventually get divided into if you are looking to gain muscle or lose fat. Let’s get started.

Step 1: 65-75%
I get asked all the time about what is the best supplement you can buy. Most guys are pretty shocked when I tell them there is a free supplement that will dramatically improve their results that they’re not getting enough of.

The answer is: Water

What water does:

• Transports nutrients in your body
• Helps digests those nutrients into energy
• Transports fat cells out of your body

In order for your body to perform optimally, you need the right amount of water. I do not care whether you are tying to gain 15 pound of muscle or lose 15 pounds of fat, start here. Realize that 65-75% of your body is water and that 15-20% of YOUR RESULTS will come from water. If you are dehydrated, you will never make gains or get ripped.

Go out and buy a cup that has the fluid measurements on the side. Take “breaking the seal” to the next level and drink 10-12 cups of water every day. If you are thirsty, that means you are dehydrated. You should never be thirsty and make sure to keep track on your phone or you will lose count.

Step 2: Crown and coke is for your girlfriend, bro.
Alcohol is already a bad situation. It lowers testosterone and provides no nutritional benefits.

You’re turning a bad situation into getting a fat girl pregnant by drinking sugar with your booze. Sugar’s found in drinks like lemonade, sweet tea, and coke spike your insulin through the roof, causing your body to go into “fat storing mode.”

For the next few weeks, you’re a straight-shot/light-beer guy. No sugary drinks and no flavored alcohol. Plus, you will finally look like a man when you turn down the party punch and opt for vodka on the rocks. Go get em’ hard ass.

Step 3: Go to the gym and do what you like
Whatever, whatever, I do what a want.

The biggest reason people fail at working out is because they don’t like it. My most physically fit friends are that way because they enjoy going to the gym.
If you like basketball, hit the courts. If you like swimming, jump in the pool. If you like throwing around big weights and yelling, you’re a douche, but go ahead and do it.

Go to gym at 3-4 times this week and do something you enjoy. Training is about 20% of the battle, so spend more time focusing on your water consumption and diet FOR NOW. I will give more detailed training assignments later on.

These steps may seem simple and that’s because they are. The steps will get more complex as we go along and I can guarantee that on your final week, you will be shocked by the results.

See you next week, bros,

Alex Nerney is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist, and Lord of BroScience

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