The 5 Week Get Ripped For Spring Break Program: Week 2

By 02.05.13

If water is the blueprint to building a ripped body, protein is the foundation where the structure rests.  The right amount of protein in your system is the difference between ripped or being a slop body.

4. Gotta have your Protes.

One protein source at every meal will have dramatic effects to your metabolism, blood profile, and lean muscle tissue. Not only will it preserve your muscle, but it’s hard to eat a bunch of shit after eating a big piece of grilled chicken.

Think about it like this. There are 3 main macronutrients: Carbohydrates, Fats, and Protein. There are 2 ways that most fad diets try to help people lose weight. Either they minimize carbohydrates (Keto, Atkins), or they minimize fat (South Beach Diet, Zone Diet).

What’s important to know is that the makers of these diets would NEVER minimize proteins. Even vegetarians and vegans get there protein in from strange shit like tofu so they can survive… protein is the building block of life, you need to master it.

At every meal you sit down at you need to ask yourself: where are the Protes? You are looking to get in AT LEAST 20 grams at every meal.

Here are some great sources for protein
Meats  (Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Bison, Venison, Ham)
Fish (Salmon, Tuna, Cod)
Eggs (egg whites, occasionally whole eggs)
Dairy (cottage cheese, yogurt, skim or 1% milk)
Protein Supplements (whey, casein, bars)

5. FAP every morning

I know what you’re thinking. I know you wish that touching yourself was some ancient key to becoming ripped. FAP actually stands for Fruit And Protein every morning.

I got this idea from one of Jim Stoppani’s articles. He holds his Ph.d in exercise physiology and has trained LL Cool J and The Rock. You can see more about him from here.

This is the best way to wake up your body in the morning and turn your metabolism on. It will not only get your body going, but the good sugar in fruit will help wake up your brain.

Pretty simple, go buy your favorite piece of fruit and have some protein ready to go. I prefer a whey protein shake and an apple because of how quickly they digest. However, any of the above proteins will work fine. Remember to wash it down with a glass of water.

Time to split this program up. While the first rules are true for everybody, most of the others need to be tailored to your goals.

Gain Weight:
When I say gain weight, I am talking about the guys who cannot seem to gain any muscle or fat, not matter what they do.  A classic “hard gainer.” You have your abs no matter what happens and just cannot gain any muscle for the life of you.

GW Rule 6. 
Minimalistic weight lifting. You need to minimize your time in the weight room, but still get the most out of going. Your goal is to stimulate the growth hormone and GTFO.

You’ve got 25 minutes and that’s it. The moment you lift a weight you start the timer and have 25 minutes to lift. Any more than that and you are burning precious calories that you really cannot afford to expend. 

My suggestion is go 3 times a week. Do legs one day, upper body the next, and do both on the third. Do what you enjoy, but do not waste time talking to anyone. You want to do a couple sets to failure and then MOVE ON.

Lean Out:
All other guys come here. If you have beer weight to lose this is the place for you. If you still want to gain muscle but lose the gut, this is the place as well.

LO Rule 6.

Compound lifts (using two muscle or more) are your bread and butter. Not only do they preserve and build mass, but also they burn WAY more calories than most cardio exercises. You will lean out and gain muscle.

The top 10 Compound lifts are:
Bench Press – Dumbbell or Barbell
Military press
Upright row
Clean & Press
Bent over Row

Go to the gym 3 times a week and do some of the above exercises. Do the one’s you enjoy, but do not neglect the legs. Shoot for 10 reps on every lift. There is no reason to max-out; this isn’t the football weight room.

The rules so far are:
1. 65% of you – Water.
2. Crown and Coke is for your girlfriend, bro
3. Enjoy going to the gym (do something you like at least 1 time a week now)
4. Gotta have your protes
5. FAP every morning
6.  Weight train 3 times a week (Gaining – 25min max, Leaning – Compound Lifts)

Finally, I will end with this. My goal is to help you get ripped, not leave you confused. If you have a question, leave it below and I will answer it as soon as I get some time. 

However, please keep in mind, I work as a corporate personal trainer. I don’t have time to deal with random trolls of unsolicited advice. Sweet diamond earnings though!
See you next week, bros,

Alex Nerney – certified personal trainer, certified nutrition specialist, and Lord of BroScience.

And if you missed Week 1, check it out here

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