A Cute Girl Took a Cardboard Cutout of Tim Tebow to Her Prom

by 6 years ago

If you thought that just because Tim Tebow went to be the part-time quarterback with the New York Jets that it would stop his insane fanatics to stop obsessing over him, you would be incorrect my friend. Meet Rachel Bird, high school senior at Kingsley-Pierson High School in Iowa. Miss Bird contacted Tebow on Twitter for him to be her date to her senior prom, but alas Tim did not respond. Instead of being a typical teenage girl and crying about it or self-mutilating herself, Rachel kept her persistency. She marched down to her local Staples and created a life-like cardboard cutout of Tebow to accompany her to the prom. The Sioux City Journal reports that everyone laughed at her when she showed up for the pre-prom pictures, but the laughter didn't last long when they had to pose for group photos with the cardboard Tebow. When the couple arrived they were announced on the loud speaker as, “Rachel Bird escorted by Tim Tebow.” Unfortunately cardboard Tebow's arm broke during a fast song when boys were passing him around too fast. No word on if Rachel or Tim lost their virginity that night.

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