Gronk Is Out There Twerking On A Yacht In Miami For Spring Break Because GRONK

By 03.27.15


Spring Break is VERY MUCH still happening, and Gronk is down in Miami twerking his ass of on some boat with a bunch of dimes. Meanwhile I’m sitting at my desk in the NYC BroBible headquarters staring out the window at the 50-something degree rain, wondering where in the hell it all went wrong for me:

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job. I get paid to find and share content all day with you bros. I’m living the goddamn dream. But then I see videos of guys like Rob Gronkowski partying it up year-round with the hottest chicks on the planet, and I wonder how I ended up working in an office. Furthermore, I see shit like this and I’m forced to ponder why I ever left Florida where you can party on boats all year long.

Here’s the man and part of his crew before embarking on the high seas for Spring Break debauchery:

Aaaaaaaaannnddddd more Twerking…..Why won’t Gronk stop twerking in Miami?

[Deadspin / BarstoolSports]

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