Here’s Our Official NBA Draft Drinking Game

by 5 years ago

One drink for each:

  • Reference to a player’s length
  • Reference to a player’s versatility
  • Time a senior is drafted
  • Kentucky player drafted
  • Time a player is lauded for athleticism

Two drinks for each:

  • Discussion about a player’s ability to play the point
  • Time an underclassman is drafted
  • Time David Stern struggles with a name
  • Gratuitous shot of a player’s WAG
  • Time a player is described as a “tweener” or “swingman”
  • Trade
  • Non-American draftee

Three drinks for each:

  • Time the phrase “on-ball defender” is used
  • Discussion of how a player’s skill set will translate to the NBA game
  • Time a player’s “basketball IQ” is mentioned
  • Moment of extreme Jay Bilas “swag”
  • Suit that’s not black or blue
  • Time the Michael Jordan draft is mentioned
  • Tear shed by a player

Five drinks for each:

  • Use of the phrase “upside”
  • A white player is compared to a black player or vice-versa

Finish your drink, ponder life's meaning if:

  • Anthony Davis doesn’t go No. 1 overall

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